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Friday, September 28, 2018
Marklin/TRIX HO Special Edition BR08 Heavy Steamer Announced!

Marklin/TRIX HO Special Edition BR08 Heavy Steamer Announced!

Marklin and Trix have made an suprise announcement of an amazing new DB BR08 heavy steam locomovitve with all the 'bells and whistles' - MFX+, Sound, Smoke, Fine Details & more!

The locomotive now designated as road number 08 1001 went first to the maintenance facility at Berlin East Station after being completed in July of 1952. Here it was scheduled to pull the D 13/14 pair of express trains to/from Stralsund with the start of the winter sche- dule on October 5, 1952. The records of locomotive supervisor Specht at the maintenance facility at Berlin East Station reveal the following: On October 8, the unit came early from Leipzig and hauled the D 13 to Stralsund without maintenance. Despite "bad" powdered coal, the steam generation was good. Like the run out, the run back also occurred without problem. Another run on October 10 also gave no cause to complain and locomotive super- visor Specht noted: "Best steam generation. Bunkers 2+3 were still about 80 cm / 31 inches full on arrival in Stralsund." After transfer to the FVA in Halle in February of 1953, intensive test and measurement runs were done that resulted in many new findings.

See the PDF product brochures - Marklin - Trix - or click the links below for details. Please place your Pre-Order now for this STUNNING LOCOMOTIVE!

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