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Friday, July 12, 2019
Marklin 1-Gauge Golden Spike Set & more LGB Golden Spike Items!

Marklin 1-Gauge Golden Spike Set & more LGB Golden Spike Items!

Due to the sucess of the LGB 29000 Golden Spike Anniversary Set, Marklin has decided to produce a very limited number of the set in Marklin 1-Gauge.  Due to the very small production numbers we highly recommend 1-gauge fans place orders as soon as possible!  Delivery is scheduled for late 2019.  See all the details at the link below or contact us to order.

The factory also has a VERY small number of LGB Golden Spike sets still available but they will likely sell out soon - order now before they are gone for good.

We have also just added a new limited edition LGB 'Golden Spike' caboose and a LGB Golden Spike embossed metal plaque (more details on this shortly) to our catalog.  Again these are very limited so please reserve yours soon! See the links below for details and pricing.

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