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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
2020 New Items Toyfair Newslettter - Part I Marklin/Trix/LGB

2020 New Items Toyfair Newslettter - Part I Marklin/Trix/LGB

As with every new Toyfair, we will bring you what we saw as the top new highlights from Nuremberg, Germany, toy and model capital of the world. Here manufacturers from all over the world gather to display their new products and invite dealers from all over the world to come view and place their orders for the upcoming year. The event helps factories get a sense of what will be popular and what will not be so popular thereby, giving them the opportunity to adjust their production quotas. This in turn, gives dealers first hand information on how to order over the year. Stay tuned as we add photos and videos taken from the fair.
Please note that when we mention that at an item is 'sold out at the factory' it means that the factory's limited production run has all been allocated to dealers. We have a limited number of these items allocated to us and they can be ordered from our website (while quantities last).

Marklin Trix LGB

Marklin 2020 New Items     TRIX 2020 New Items     LGB 2020 New Items

Marklin/Trix Highlights

2020 Insider Models – though announced at the end of 2019, its worth noting all the New Tooling elements. In HO, Marklin is doing the complete model of the CLASS RAm “Edelweiss Diesel Powered Railcar, # 39706. (In Trix, this model is found under # 22976. This railcar is completely made of metal, with factory installed LED lighting throughout the coaches; even lighted table lamps, engine room and cab lighting. In Z Scale, Insider Club members will get the Cl 41 Steam Locomotive with Oil Tender # 88275. This is almost all new tooling with an all metal construction body. It’s important to note that this is part of the 30 Year Anniversary of the MHI Group who work with Marklin to come up with these exclusive models. As with all MHI items, they are limited to dealer subscriptions and typically sell out quickly. The 30 Year MHI are adding in the following prestigious items to start their celebration off;

· French SNCF CL BB 9200 # 30380 and matching 4-piece coach set # 40691. These retro models are extremely popular and sell out quickly. Typically, in original style packaging but updated to current digital MDX decoder.

· The very affordable Cl 74 Tank locomotive is coming with a full MFX/DCC Sound Decoder and a matching 4 Piece Coach set # 43146. All coaches fitted with LED lighting and Cab Control car has changeover marker lights and a number of sound/light functions built-in!

· MHI has a 30 Year Happy Birthday locomotive # 36292. It’s a Cl 247 Diesel Locomotive painted in a fictitious V200 paint scheme offering a MFX/DCC Sound Decoder. The first production run sold out on the Toyfair! We have a few left for pre-ordering, so reserve yours before its to late.

· Another completely new tooling is the DB Class 78 Tank Locomotive # 39786 MFX/DCC Decoder and in Trix 22876. Yes, this loco has been out off and on for many years, but now we have a completely new tooling meaning very intricate metal construction with many separately applied details. The Cl 078 MFX/DCC Sound Version is available under stock # 39785 and in Trix, # 22875. Marklin is building 3 centre entry coaches with built-in lighting and current conducting couplers; # 43120; # 43160 and cab control coach # 43330. The respective coaches in Trix are # 23120; # 23160 and # 23170.

· Another new tooling is the DB Class 75.4 Tank Locomotive # 39758 MFX/DCC Sound Decoder and in Trix # 22792.

· Another partial new tooling is the DB Class 95.0 Tank Locomotive w/Oil Firing # 39097 MFX/DCC Sound Decoder and in Trix # 25097. The correct Silberlinge Passenger Coach set w/Built-in LED Lighting and current conducting couplers is # 43147.

· A complete surprise is Marklin announced completely new tooling for the Class 66 Diesel Locomotives in the following versions; HGK # 39060/ Trix # 22691; RRF # 39061/ Trix 22692; LINEAS # 39062/ Trix 22693; CargoNet # 39063/ Trix 22694. Each of these models will not only have Cab and Control Desk Lighting but will have built in Dynamic Smoke Generators w/MFX/DCC Sound Decoders. As these being, “Marklin/Trix” locomotives, they will be correctly built with correctly functioning motors and decoders, designed to stand the test of time.

· Marklin is doing yet one more classic from the past, the Swedish SJ Da 896 Electric locomotive # 30302 and matching 4-piece coach set # 41921. These sets are limited to 1,499 and are now sold out from the Toyfair. If you are a collector fan of these classics, reserve yours now. We only have a few left for pre-order.   

· The last Major New Tooling piece for HO is the Era VI, Big Boy w/Oil Tender! Why Era VI and why new tooling you ask? This is the 4014 that was restored for the 150 Year Golden Spike Anniversary. Not only is there a complete New “Oil Firing Tender” but in total, 14 completely new tooling changes “EXACTING” the restoration of the real restoration of this epic locomotive. It’s not just another Big Boy! Marklin even went to far as to place the Union Pacific 4014 logo on the floor in the Engineer’s Cab, just as the real one has! Of course, these will be very limited and will sell out early this year. The Marklin MFX+/DCC Sound version will be found with stock # 37997. The TRIX NEM MFX/DCC Sound Version under stock # 22014 and for the North American purists running RP 25 wheels, stock # 22163. The Trix versions are limited to 500 pieces and these we’re almost sold out on the Toyfair. Do not miss this incredible locomotive, a true piece of locomotive history that survives today. One final point, Marklin is offering the 6 Piece UP Coach set constructed of real aluminum to be pulled by this fantastic locomotive. In Trix, a 5-piece box car set and UP Caboose is offered under stock # 24914. Reserve both yours today! PS: All those who place a Pre-order in the month of February will upon request, receive 2 – 7226 Smoke Units installed at no charge!

Marklin Z

· In celebration of the 30 Year MHI, Marklin is producing an Era IV 3-piece compartment coach set in blue/light crème livery, stock # 87211. In addition, a “Entertainment Coach w/Disco Lighting!” under stock # 87210. All coaches fitted with interior details and interior lighting! All coaches to come with close couplers as well! This coach set is to be pulled by a Class 120 DB Electric # 88527. These sets are exclusive and therefore quite limited. Reserve yours shortly before their sold out.

· For the 175 Year Anniversary of Railroading in Wurttemberg, Marklin is producing a special train set, stock # 81390 with a T9 Tank Locomotive pulling one coach and 3 freight cars. Each car will have “Spoked Wheels”, a rarity in Z Scale.

· Complete new tooling are the Class 193 Electrics. These come with 4 pantographs; finely detailed; bell shaped motor warm white Led headlights and marker lights. The DB AG Version is found under stock # 88231 and the SBB version under # 88232.

· A highlight for the Danish market is the DSB NOHAB Diesel # 88637. The body in this is constructed of plastic impregnated with metal offering improved pulling power.

· For the American market, Marklin is doing a joint project with the AZL company by introducing the GP 38-2 Diesel Locomotive found under stock # 88615. Of course they need to pull some freight and Marklin is making a 5-piece Freight car set # 82498.

· 3 Heavy Duty Flat Cars with Leopard 1A1 Tanks which represent new tooling are included under stock # 48795.

Marklin 1

· A shock on the Marklin stand was to see last year’s HO Insider model, the Class 320 Diesel,  being offered as a 1 Gauge Model in 5 versions! These have never been done before and are complete new tooling iin a combination of metal and brass. They come with dual motors powering all axles; motor-driven roof vents with sound; smoke exhaust at both stacks; engine and cab lighting and of course 32 extensive sounds and functions. The DB Version is found under stock # 55320; the HEG Version under stock # 55323; the H.F.Wiebe version under # 55326; the TWE version under # and the Italian version SerFer under stock # 55324. A very impressive investment for their 1 Gauge clientele.

Marklin/Trix Toyfair Locomotives

· Marklin is making last years very successful SBB Ce 6/8 Electric Locomotive in a fictitious paint scheme of black body and gray running gear. The Marklin version will be found under stock # 39523 and the Trix version under 22869. There is a 6-piece matching freight car set as well to go with either locomotive under stock # 46050. When ordering the Trix version with the Marklin 46050, we will change the wheels to DC at no charge.

MINITRIX Highlights

· In celebration of the 30 Year MHI, MiniTrix is producing an Era III VT98 and VS98 Rail Car Set with LED Lighting in DCC w/Sound. This is found under stock # 16981. There is an additional trailer car that can be added, a VB Trailer car also with LED lighting, found under stock # 15394.

· The 2020 Insider Club Model will be the Class 01 220 Steam Locomotive, stock # 16015. This model will come with 22 functions including firebox flickering lighting; cab lighting and running lights. Order deadline for Club Members is February 29, 2020.

· For the 175 Year Anniversary of Railroading in Wurttemberg, MiniTrix is producing a special train set, stock # 16585 for the locomotive and 15534 for the car set. G12 Heavy Freight Locomotive will be pulling 5 assorted freight cars.

· A new tooling project is the V169 Diesel Locomotive, stock # 16276. 26 functions along with Cab Lighting are offered in this model.

· Another new tooling project is the DB 144 Electric Locomotive, stock # 16663. 16 functions along with Cab Lighting are offered in this model. This is the first time this model is being offered in N Scale!

· At last year’s very successful Marklin Days, Marklin had the class 101 Electric Locomotive done in a special 160 Year Anniversary Edition. This locomotive was offered in Marklin and Trix HO, but not in N until now! Yes, they are doing this under stock # 16086. 21 functions along with Cab Lighting are offered in this model. These are quite limited so ensure to reserve yours now!

· In freight cars, MiniTrix is getting 2 new tooling projects. New are 4 Axle Flat Cars each loaded with 2 tubs and earth. This is a 6-piece freight car set found under stock # 15075. In addition, a 6-piece Polish Container Flat Car set if offered under stock # 15080.

New MiniTrix Accessories

· MiniTrix will be getting an additional track range in the form of 6 additional new curve sets.

· Finally, MiniTrix will have their own new turntable! It comes with 8 spoke tracks and can be expanded to 24 in total. This represents the standard 21-meter turntable at the time. The turntable can be found under stock # 66570 and expansion sets of 8 under stock # 66571. Of course, a turntable is not complete without engine sheds. This 2-3 stall laser cut kit can be assembled in various structures and you can find this under stock # 66340.

Marklin/Trix Museum Cars

Many of our very loyal Museum Car Collectors have been or will be gravely disappointed to learn that the factory direct dealers will no longer be able to obtain these cars outside of the museum in Goppingen, Germany. As many of you know, the new owners of Marklin/Trix/LGB decided to build a completely new Museum including a Bistro for its’s guests. This project has had its delays due to lack of construction workers, however, it is finally scheduled to officially open in June of this year. Senior management thus decided this to be an opportune time to once again, cancel this program offering and pull the sale of these museum cars back to the Museum only. The fact that most consumers will never be able to visit the museum to obtain these collectibles each year, was of no concern apparently. We will however, continue to strive to have this program reinstated this year. We will make an official announcement as soon as they come to realize the consequences of their decision.

LGB Highlights

· LGB focused on children coming out with a Construction Site Starter Set under stock # 70503. This can be expanded with a construction site add-on set # 49500. There is a excavator, dump car and various accessories to add more play value to the overall theme for kids. Looks like great fun.

· New tooling at an impressive price is the HSB Class V 10C Diesel locomotive, stock # 20320. This comes with an MFX/DCC Sound decoder; Buhler motor w/ball bearings, opening doors. Running sounds also work in Analog operation.

· The US will get the Sante Fe F7A Diesel # 20583; F7B Unit # 20582 and another F7A Unit # 20581. These units will have MFX/DCC Sound Decoders; several light functions including MARS Light. The bodies are partially Chrome Plated to give the bodies a stainless-steel look. These locomotives will get a 5 piece coach assembly; # 36567; # 36568; # 36569; # 36578; # 36579. All coaches to come with built-in interiors and interior lighting.

· In addition, the US will get a Coca-Cola theme Steam and Coach sets; The Mogul Steam Locomotive # 20282 with MFX/DCC Sound Decoder. This will have Smoke exhaust and Cylinder smoke synchronized with the wheels! Matching passenger coaches # 36812; 36818; Half-Baggage Coach # 36847; Baggage Coach # 40757. Its quite the theme so do not miss out on this remarkable set.

· A new Christmas Locomotive theme found in a Blue/Gold Chloe Steam Locomotive # 23132 and matching passenger coach # 30432.

· The ever-popular Christmas car for this year is found under stock # 36020. Reserve yours early.

In summary, Marklin’s program in itself was not nearly as extensive as last year, but they certainly made major new tooling investments throughout all of their programs; from Z to N to HO to 1 and G. Well done. Your sure to find several pleasing models to adorn your railway layout and/or collections. So, pre-order early and take advantage of pre-order savings.

Stay tuned for more Toyfair highlights in our 2nd newsletter to follow shortly.

Marklin 2020 New Items     TRIX 2020 New Items     LGB 2020 New Items

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