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Tuesday, November 09, 2021
HOLIDAY ORDER DEADLINE - New store location?

HOLIDAY ORDER DEADLINE - New store location?

Our Holiday Shipping Deadline is DECEMBER 10th this year.

As we approach the US Thanksgiving Holiday and the Christmas buying season, we want to encourage all our customers to get their holiday shopping done with us as early as possible this year for a couple of reasons; 

  • As some of you may have heard on the news, the pandemic continues to have a huge affect on global shipping and supply chains. This has not only affected the overall availability of some products such as the electronic chips used in locomotives, decoders and digital systems, but also the ability of the manufacturers to get us their products in a cost-effective way. As all businesses scramble to stock their shelves for the holidays, prices for air and sea transport are once again skyrocketing. We have just finished restocking our shelves from major shipment arrivals from Germany these past 2 weeks and this will be our last large re-stock for 2021.  Our Latest Arrivals pages have been updated with 1000s of the new product arrivals. Things are already going very quickly off the shelves so don’t delay!

  • Several factories have announced price increases taking effect over the past few months. We have been able to hold off passing these on to our customers for now but will have to gradually start updating our pricing following the holiday season.

  • Our building was sold this summer to new owners and we have recently learned that they intend to occupy our current space.   That puts us in a precarious position where we have to deal with the holiday rush AND the short-notice relocation of our store before January 1st.  Yes, that’s right, and it couldn’t happen at a more inconvenient time; our busiest month of the year and of course, over the Christmas holidays where we would usually enjoy a short break with our family and friends. As a result, we will be temporarily shutting down our Retail Store December 15th so that we can begin the monumental task of packing up the store in under 2 weeks! We will need to take this extra time in December and early January to get the store moved and set back up operationally as quickly as possible. 

We will do our utmost to fulfil all orders and backorders as we have a few more shipments arriving in November. Of course our website will continue running 24/7, however, from December 15th until we can turn on our systems on again in our new location, we will NOT be able to address new orders and e-mail. 

We want to whole-heartedly THANK all of our very supportive Customers and ask them to be understanding and patient as we work through this new endeavour. Do watch our web site for updates and our new retail location as we have them. 

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