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Monday, January 17, 2022
Roco & Fleischmann 2022 New Items posted!

Roco & Fleischmann 2022 New Items posted!

We have now posted the full lists of the Roco HO and Fleischmann N scale 2022 New Item announcements. Both Roco and Fleishmann have once again suprised us with many new tooling announcements and some very interesting models.

Roco HO highlights include an all new Austrian class 77 Steam Locomotive, completly reworked OBB 1044 and 1144 electric locomotives as well an OBB Railjet train in the new 'Climatjet' livery.  Swiss railway modellers get an all new Ae3/6-1 electric locomotive with amazing detail as well as a BLS prototype Re4/4. An updated DB E10 Electric with a PluX22 interface and sound along with a revised ICE 1 with a coreless motor is also available.  

Fleischmann N scale fans get new tooling for the classic Swiss Re6/6 locomotive in era 4 green or SBB Cargo liveries (with sound options!), a BR101 in the current IC livery, and an all new SNCF BB 26000 Electric locomotive.  Era III and IV fans will need to check out the all-new tooling for 4 versions of the classic Pwgs41 Freight Train Bagagge car. Fleischmann rounds out the new items with new highly-detailed molding for a number of commonly seen European freight cars.

See the full list of new items for everything new!

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Marklin/Trix/LGB New items will be posted on January 18th and stay tuned for more 2022 New Items announcements in the coming days and weeks as all the factories announce their programs for 2022.

We will be posting pre-order discount prices as soon as possible!

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