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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Marklin/Trix 2023 CLUB MODELS Announced for HO/N/Z

Marklin/Trix 2023 CLUB MODELS Announced for HO/N/Z

Marklin and Trix have announced their first batch of Insider and Profi Club Models for 2023!   

Marklin and Trix HO collectors get all-new tooling for an absolutely stunning DB era III Class 01.10 in the older boiler and feed-water heater design along with a matching car set.

Marklin Z fans get all-new tooling for a classic DB era III ET150 Battery Railcar with a Control Trailer and Trix N scale fans get a stunning version of the 'METROPOLITAN' train with a BR101 and all-new streamlined passenger cars in the silver metallic livery.

Marklin Special Issue collectors get a new Lanz Bulldog Tractor model and LGB G scale fans get an Rhb side tipper dump car as their Club Car of the year.

See all the details at the links below.  Pricing will be posted shortly. These models are available to Club Members ONLY - see the order forms in your next club mailing.

The order DEADLINE is February 28th, 2023.

TRIX T15160
Scale: N    Era: 5    
Country: Germany
TRIX T15161
Scale: N    Era: 5    
Country: Germany
LGB LGB-42615
Scale: G    Era: 6    
Country: Switzerland
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