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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Marklin/Trix Surprise #3 Locomotive - Class 185.2 Electric Locomotive Germany 2024

Marklin/Trix Surprise #3 Locomotive - Class 185.2 Electric Locomotive Germany 2024

Germany 2024

The major sporting event of the year kicks off in Germany in a few weeks. In mid-June, teams from all over Europe will once again be competing for the round leather. Reason enough for us to pay tribute to what most people consider to be the most important sport.
Many nations from our key markets, for example Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Denmark, Spain and Portugal, will be there when the new European champion is crowned. To mark the occasion, we are presenting a very special highlight with an eye-catching color scheme. The class 185.2 electric locomotive appears in a fictitious version with a special motif: a view into the stadium with a special ball.
The locomotive is being released by Märklin H0 in a limited edition of 2,024 pieces and will have gold-plated pantographs and coupler brackets under item number 36649. For fans of direct current, the locomotive appears under Trix item number 25368 - also with gold-plated pantographs and coupling brackets. And in the smallest Z scale, the locomotive also rolls into the program with gold-plated pantographs under Märklin item number 88488.

Note: These models are almost Sold Out at the factory so Reserve your's now!

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