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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Marklin/TRIX 2012 Insider Club Models Announced

Marklin/Trix have recently announced the 2012 Insider Club Models for both Marklin HO (as voted on by Insider Club members), Z scale, and Minitrix N Scale.  The Marklin and Trix Clubs are great for all railway fans and include regular magazines (in German or English) as well as yearly DVD and Club Car bonuses. Members also get exclusive access to special product releases, the formost being the annual Club Models.  Contact us if you are interested in becoming a club member and we can forward details along.

The winner of the Marklin HO Insider survey voting is the Class 403 "Donald Duck" Intercity RailCar train. Order forms will be included in the 1/2012 Club Mailing. As always, please make sure you send us your forms as soon as possible to make sure they reach Marklin in before the deadline!

From the latest Marklin Insider Club mailing:

37778 Electric Express Powered Rail Car(HO)

Prototype: express electric rail car class 403, 1st class, of the German Federal Railroad (DB). 4-car unit. One end power car 403 001-1, Avüm, with compartments. One intermediate power car 404 101-8, ARüm, with kitchen, dining area and saloon. One intermediate power car 404 001-0, Apüm, saloon. One end power car 403 002-9, Avüm, with compartments. InterCity color scheme pebble gray / black brown. As running in 1973.

Model: 4-part unit. Fitted with mfx digital decoder and extensive sound functions. Two regulated high-efficiency drives with flywheel in the saloon intermediate car. Both axles in both trucks each driven by one motor. Traction tires. Interior lighting as standard, engineer‘s cab lighting and lighted table lamps. Triple headlights and tail-lights change ends with direction of travel, interior and engineer‘s cab lighting operate convention- ally and can be jointly controlled digitally. Lighted table lamps separately digitally controllable, on-off switching controlled by a random impulse generator. Lighting with warm white maintenance-free LEDs and red LEDs. Multi-pin special current conducting couplings with guide mechanism between the vehicles. Pick-up change- over with direction-dependent power supply to the respective leading end car. Many separately-applied details. Detailed representation of the roof equipment. Pantographs mechanically but not electrically function- al. Scharfenberg couplings (non-functional) modeled at each end. Minimum radius 360 mm (14-3/16“). Length over couplings 116.8 cm (46“).

Marklin Z Scale fans will see the class 001 steam locomotive. For the 1st time in Z the model will feature full valve gear and brake shoes between the wheels. From the Insider mailing:

88010 Express train steam locomotive and tender

Prototype: class 001 of the German Federal Railroad (DB). Standard locomotive with all­welded tender and Witte­type smoke deflectors.

Model: new tooling, finely detailed. Loco body of metal. Representation of the brakes, Indusi (train control contact) etc. on the locomotive chassis. Finely­detailed valve­gear and rods. Enlarged buffer heads. Close coupling between loco and tender. Locomotive with 5­pole motor. All 3 coupled axles driven. Headlights warm white LEDs. Tender with spoked wheels.

Minitrix collectors will see a BR 218 diesel with full digital sound effects and digitally controlled cab lighting. This model was announced at the recent model railway fair in Stuttgart and we will add full details as they become available!

12391 Diesel Locomotive 218-217, ivory & orient red livery / with sound

Trix HO Club Model details should follow shortly!

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