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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fleischmann 2012 New Items now posted

Fleischmann 2012 New Items

We have now entered the full list of Fleischmann New items into our web site catalog.  We will be posting a highlights feature when we return from Germany.  As always we will not be able to confirm pricing until the Toy Fair begins at the end of the month. Pre-orders can now be placed for unpriced new items by simply adding them to your cart and checking out as usual. All orders placed before pricing is posted will automatically receive our best pre-order discount prices once available.

All Fleischmann 2012 New Items    Fleischmann HO    Fleischmann N


Why pre-order?  For the manufacturers such as Marklin, Trix Fleischmann and Roco you also can take advantage of significant savings by pre-ordering as we are able to pass along discounts from the manufacturers for placing advance orders. Pre-ordering will also guarantee your reservation for a product and ensure your place 'in-line'. In most cases, items announced at the toy fair each year are not available until later that year, sometimes the following year (see the 'Availabilty' note on each product's page). We advise customers to pre-order favourite items as tems which are one-time or limited editions can sell-out at the factory long before they are released. Also some products are now being released in production 'batches' where only a limited number of items are produced at first and a few months or more may pass before additional productions runs are completed. Pre-ordering early will ensure you are able to get the product you want as soon as it is produced and at a discount over regular prices.  And unlike others we NEVER bill you for items until they arrive in our store and are shipped out to you.  If you have any questions about our pre-order processes and policies, please contact us!

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