G Scale Command Stations and Expansion

Translated Description from PIKO: Replaces the hand controller #35017The Navigator is the control unit for the digital control center(35010) or the analog speed controller (35002). The large display allows a very easy and clear operation.and clear operation. Two functions (e.g. locomotive and switch) can be controlled at the same time.controlled at the same time. The design was made so that almost all functions can be operated with one hand. Thanks to the built-in radio transmitter you can in combination with the radio receiver (35038) with the controller to move freely around your garden railroad layout. Due to the display of locomotive symbols and freely selectable names, the management of the locomotives is very easy. Further functions like routes, multiple tractions and decoder decoder programming are included.The Navigator can optionally be connected with the enclosed cable to be connected to the digital command station. * Real graphic display with backlight. * Radio transmitter integrated * Display of locomotive image, locomotive name, direction of travel, speed levels, active functions. * Two functions can be controlled simultaneously * Easy management of locomotives by displaying locomotive symbols and freely selectable names. * Functions F1 - F16 switchable * Additional functions like routes, multiple tractions and decoder programming * Cable and radio operation for radio operation the receiver 35038 is additionally required - does not work with the old radio receiver 35012 / 35018

  • PIKO Item Number:35037
  • EAN:4015615350378
  • age recommendation:14 Years +

Command Stations and Expansion
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