G Scale Starter Sets

  • PIKO Item Number: 37151
  • EAN: 4015615371519
  • type of current: 2-Rail
  • minimum radius: 600
  • Interior Lighting / Lights: LED
  • Estimated delivery date: End of May 2019
Translated Description from PIKO: Novelty 2019 -G Start set with an industrial GE 25-tone design of a workshop with two freight wagons. PIKO has implemented the small GE 25-tone in a detailed and loving way. The new construction is convincing through the finest paintwork and printing, an exemplary filigree and yet robust overall appearance and can be used versatile in the garden railroad sector. The PIKO model has precision-made wheelsets and a very reliable power take-off from the track. The tiny shovels will find many friends among the fairgrounds and collectors in view of the "cute" appearance.PIKO G items are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and rightly carry the "weather resistant" designation x 130 cm Minimum body surface: 150 x 150 cm 1 x steam locomotive BR 802 x freight wagon 12 x 35211 R1 (bow R1 600 mm) 1 x 35270 Connection clamp 1 x 35285 connection clips (14 pcs.) 1 x hand throttle 1 x Transformer (230V) 20V / 32VA DC / AC

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