Stangel Price List

Can't find the product you are looking for? Occasionally some products are not added to our site database or are no longer available from the manufacturer. Please contact us and we will do our best to help you find what you need.

STANGEL  0.70.1 Acrylic mass white $6.36 USD
STANGEL  0.70.2 Acrylic mass yellow sand $6.36 USD
STANGEL  0.70.3 Acrylic mass light brown $6.36 USD
STANGEL  0.70.4 Acrylic mass light gray $6.36 USD
STANGEL  0.70.5 Acrylic mass beige-gray $6.36 USD
STANGEL  0.71.1 Glass Powder $6.36 USD
STANGEL  0.71.2 Glass Powder $9.56 USD
STANGEL  0.72.1 Acrylic paint - White Pigments $7.16 USD
STANGEL  0.72.2 Acrylic paint - Black Pigments $7.16 USD
STANGEL  0.72.3 Acrylic paint - Orange Pigments $7.16 USD
STANGEL  0.72.4 Acrylic paint- Brown Pigments $7.16 USD
STANGEL  0.72.5 Acrylic paint - Olive-green Pigments $7.16 USD
STANGEL  0.72.6 Acrylic paint - Yellow-sand Pigments $7.16 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.031 Station Sonnenborn $550.36 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.031.02 Station Weigarten $210.36 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.034.01.04 Fan with ventilation shaft $8.76 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.034.01.05 Air conditioner $8.76 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.034.15 Electrical Distribution Centre w/building $12.76 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.035 Water tower $210.36 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.036 Gatekeeper's House $78.36 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.036.01 Track Lineman's Shed $46.36 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.038 Transformer station $43.96 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.043 Toilet at the station $39.96 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.051.01 Wihn Corner House Nr. 1 $109.56 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.051.02 House on Train Station Street Nr 2 $87.96 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.051.03 House on Train Station Street Nr 3 $95.96 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.051.04 House on Train Station Street Nr 4 $87.96 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.051.05 Pharmacy on Train Station Street Nr 5 $77.56 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.052.01 Hotel "Lindenhof" $200.76 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.052.01A Florist Shop $68.76 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.052.02 Pension zum Adler $148.76 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.052.04 House Dorf Street Nr 1 $87.96 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.052.05 House Dorf Street Nr 7 $74.36 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.052.06 House Dorf Street Nr 11 $37.56 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.054 Watchmaker House $109.56 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.055 Bruckentor $0.00 USD
STANGEL 1 BS1.058.03 Chimney Stack $131.16 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.031 Station Sonnenborn $127.16 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.031.01 Station Wathlingen $70.36 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.031.02 Station Weingarten $100.76 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.032.01 Signalbox with tar roof $35.16 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.032.02 Signalbox with Tiled Roof $35.16 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.033 Freight Shed with Admin. Building $253.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.034.01 Locomotive Roundhouse $0.00 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.035 Water tower $60.76 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.035.01 Water tower on the main railway $74.36 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.036 Gatekeeper's House $21.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.036.01 Track Lineman's Shed $21.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.038 Transformer station $17.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.043 Toilet at the station $21.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.051.01 Corner House Nr. 1 $48.76 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.051.02 House on Train Station Street Nr 2 $26.36 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.051.03 House on Train Station Street Nr 3 $31.16 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.051.04 House on Train Station Street Nr 4 $26.36 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.051.05 Pharmacy on Train Station Street Nr 5 $24.76 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.052.01 Hotel "Lindenhof" $87.96 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.052.01A Florist Shop $31.16 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.052.04 House Dorf Street Nr 1 $39.16 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.052.05 House Dorf Street Nr 7 $26.36 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.052.06 House Dorf Street Nr 11 $17.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.054 Watchmaker House $43.96 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.056.01 Hotel Wolfgangshof $241.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.056.02 Hotel Wolfgangshof - Front Gate $33.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.056.03 Hotel Wolfgangshof - Garden Gate & Fence $29.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSHO.058.03 Chimney Stack $39.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.031 Station Sonnenborn $655.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.031.02 Station Weigarten $139.96 USD
STANGEL O BSO.032.01 Signalbox with tar roof $231.96 USD
STANGEL O BSO.033 Freight Shed with Admin. Building $419.96 USD
STANGEL O BSO.034.01 Locomotive Roundhouse $192.76 USD
STANGEL HO BSO.034.01.04 Fan with ventilation shaft $5.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSO.034.01.05 Air conditioner $5.56 USD
STANGEL HO BSO.034.15 Electrical Distribution Centre w/building $5.56 USD
STANGEL O BSO.035 Water tower $415.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.036 Gatekeeper's House $43.96 USD
STANGEL O BSO.036.01 Track Lineman's Shed $31.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.038 Transformer station $39.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.040.01 Bridge $0.00 USD
STANGEL O BSO.043 Toilet at the station $35.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.051.01 Corner House Nr. 1 $70.36 USD
STANGEL O BSO.051.02 House on Train Station Street Nr 2 $39.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.051.03 House on Train Station Street Nr 3 $48.76 USD
STANGEL O BSO.051.04 House on Train Station Street Nr 4 $39.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.051.05 Pharmacy on Train Station Street Nr 5 $35.16 USD
STANGEL O BSO.052.01 Hotel 'Lindenhof' $148.76 USD
STANGEL O BSO.052.01A Florist Shop $48.76 USD
STANGEL O BSO.052.04 House Dorf Street Nr 1 $56.76 USD
STANGEL O BSO.052.05 House Dorf Street Nr 7 $48.76 USD
STANGEL O BSO.052.06 House Dorf Street Nr 11 $26.36 USD
STANGEL O BSO.054 Watchmaker House $70.36 USD
STANGEL O BSO.055 Bruckentor $0.00 USD
STANGEL O BSO.058.03 Chimney Stack $100.76 USD
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