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The system provides control 7 of the beginning of the powerful ones start to the track one hobby. You can lie back and relax, because you have from the beginning, everything you need: 7A performance, dual cab for the simultaneous control of two locomotives, solenoid control, route control, S88 feedback, LocoNet, infrared receiver for wireless remote control (IRIS) comprehensive full function keys, backlit keyboard for night operation, it clearly readable, full graphic display with backlight, booster ports, USB port for updates and PC control port for additional infrared satellite, etc.

The new multi-protocol digital central control system has the following 7 BM1 of performance characteristics:

- Integrated 7 A booster
- additional programming track output
- double the control panel for simultaneous control of two locomotives
- handy knobs for fine Geschwindikeitsregelung
- large high-contrast backlit, full graphic display
- integrated solenoid-keyboard with 16 hotkeys
- switchable up to 2,048 solenoid
- up to 80 routes programmable
- depending on the decoder switched up to 32,768 Special Features
- easy decoder programming
- data formats, Motorola, DCC and Selectrix
- up to 128 steps
- alternative speed steps and speed display
- double and multiple traction
- model clock
- built-in infrared receiver for wireless handheld IRIS (up to 10 m range)
- up to four IRIS-hand controller can be used simultaneously
- interface for up to two remote additional infrared receiver
- USB interface for PC software
- s88-feedback bus
- 3pin and 5pin booster interface
- two LocoNet interfaces for system expansion (including LISSY to Lokpositionserkennung,
cable speed controllers FRED, intelligent Booster Power 4 and Power 7)
- Coupling of two System Control 7 via LocoNet (second system Control 7 is then used as
additional control and a 7 amp booster)
- except for the doubled output power and the differently shaped housing identical to
the Intellibox II Uhlenbrock
- 'Made in Germany' by Uhlenbrock

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