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Prototype: "Hunt´sche" large coaling station for loading coal into steam locomotive tenders, based on the prototype in Saarbrucken. Almost identical coaling stations of this type also existed in Munich and Vienna.

Model: This is an advanced model of the "Huntschen" large coaling station in Saarbrucken with all of the building parts ready for assembly as a finished model. The parts for the steel construction, the railings, the handrails, and the walkways are precision laser cut from special architectural quality cardstock. The steps are made of plastic. The underside of the coaling station is laser cut as a kit. The model has working lamps that are already assembled. The center conductor walkways over the coalbunkers are constructed as partially open etched metal parts, dark colored, and electrically connected to the C Track center conductors to supply power to locomotives from the center conductors. All of the parts already have a realistic basic paint scheme, but they can be painted and weathered further with no problem. This model can be used for Marklin and Trix C Track. It can also be used for Marklin K Track with an adapter track. A set of lettering for the coaling stations in Vienna and Munich is included. This model is ready for installation on a model railroad layout. Dimensions of the finished model: Installation dimensions approximately Depth 4.5 cm / 1-3/4", Length 54.5 cm / 21-7/16", Width 22 cm / 8-5/8", total Height above the rails 15.8 cm / 6-1/4".


  • Can be used from Era I forward.
  • Detailed construction.
  • Impressive attention getter on any layout.
  • Can be built for Marklin C Track and Trix C Track, and with an adapter track also for the K Track system.

2017 New Item
Era I (1835-1925)
Era II (1925-1945)
Era III (1945-1970)
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