Marklin 1 Scale Transformers

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This switched mode power pack is for connecting to and for powering the 60214/60215 Central Station and the 60174 Booster. The input is 230 volts / 50 Hertz , and the output is 19 volts / 100 watts DC voltage. Tabletop switched mode power pack in a plastic housing with mounting tabs. Dimensions 190 x 96 x 65 mm / 7-1/2" x 3-3/4" x 2-9/16". Connections: 4-pin mini DIN high current plug. The 60101 switched mode power pack is designed for use in dry areas.

Note: Marklin has recanted their statement of using this in HO Scale as well as 1 Gauge. They now will only support this with 1 Gauge laoyouts. Buyers who choose to use this on HO Layouts must be electrically profecient and of course use the correct wiring gauges.

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