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Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 601 "Mediolanum" diesel powered rail car train. Prototypical 7-part unit consisting of: 2 type Du powered end cars, 1 type Ay open seating car, 1st class, 3 type Au compartment cars, 1st class, and 1 type WRy dining and galley car.

Model: Both powered end cars have a 5-pole motor with 4 axles in each car powered. Maintenance-free LEDs are used for the headlights on the powered end cars and for the interior lighting on the intermediate cars. There are close-coupled, special connections between the cars that can be used only on this train. The ends of the train have a representation of the covered Scharfenberg coupler (non-working). Train length 593 mm / 23-3/8".

  • Warm white LEDs for the headlights, LEDs for the marker lights and the interior lighting.
  • Special couplings for a short car spacing.
  • Both end cars powered.

This train is being produced in a one-time series only for the 175th anniversary of German railroading.

The class VT 11.5 (later the class 601 and class 602 gas turbine) was developed in the Fifties as part of the introduction of the TEE concept in Europe. From 1957 on it was successfully used for many years as a flagship train for the DB in international long distance service. The last of these connections existed as the powered rail car train "Mediolanum" on the route from Munich to Milan.

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Era III (1945-1970)
DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn)
Discontinued - Last Ones
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