Viessmann N Scale Locomotive Decoders

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Solid and very thin multiple protocol decoder for DCC and SX1, SX1 with address dynamics. SX2.4 with functional outputs (2x light each up to 150 mA and 2x AUX each up to 300 mA), via function mapping as well as dimmable. Motor output up to 1A, equipped with overload and short circuit protection. Equipped with an ASIC-Chip by D&H for perfect driving (Super Soft Drive). Update possible by programming track. Features: Super-Soft-Drive (SSD)® which provides smooth control mode, enginge control by target/actual parallel, special smooth process by blended operation of the pulse width modulation, various norms for best motor adjustment, 127 internal driving positions, block distance with ordinary diodes (stopping distance), short-circuit-proof of engine exits, proof protection of additional functions, electronical permutability of enginge-, light- and track connections (to correct wrong wiring), release of vehicle number (address) to identify locomotives during operation (only by SC 1), prompt reaction of the decoders by extreme fast data transfer in Selectrix system. Dimensions (without wire): 14,3 x 9,2 x 1,8 mm.

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