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Product information "WINTRACK 13.0 3D Full Version

With WINTRACK, you can design your dream system quickly and easily with your computer: you design the track plan, try out different route designs, make changes in an instant or extend your track plan step by step. With a single click you see the result in true 3D - representation. The drawing accuracy of WINTRACK can never reach conventional planning aids.
  • With Wintrack, the catenary is a breeze. The complete overhead line ranges from Viessmann and other manufacturers are already included as libraries in WINTRACK. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can install track masts, quater towers and much more.
  • With WINTRACK you can create buildings and vehicles in 3D and incorporate them into your system planning. Press as an architect, designer or landscape architect: In addition to over 200 symbols such as stations, engine sheds, signal boxes, coal handling plants, water towers, various residential buildings, churches, castles, various types of lights, trees and forests can make your own 3D - models design.
  • Likewise own surface textures are possible. Also, roads can a 3D - get profile.
  • There is a library available for each gauge.
  • The elements of the Faller Car - Systems and Play Street contained in H0.
  • For other gauges there are similar road elements. With the current track assortments of: Z: Märklin mini - club N: Fleischmann piccolo, Kato, Unitrack, minitrix, Peco (code 55, 80), Roco, Horby (Arnold) TT: Tillig TT (standard, model) H0e / m: Bemo, Roco, Tillig H0f: Minibus / Feldbahn of Busch / Märklin (free update) H0: Fleischmann (model, professional), Lima, Märklin (C, K, M), Peco (code 75,100), Piko (A - track) , Roco LINE with / without bedding and 2.5 mm - track, Tillig Elite, Trix International, Lima 1 IIm: Hübner, Marklin, LGB.
  • System - Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8.x, CD - drive, hard drive with about 200MB free memory, main memory min. 512MB for 3D - View (otherwise only 128MB).
  • The package includes a German full version, this is required for installation first before installing English CD.

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