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Multifunctional applicable light decoder with numerous options with easy operation. The configuration of the functions can be set in the extended range by DIP-switch (Mauseklavier). Upgrades by CV-programming are provided. 4 groups with 8 current protected outputs could be single switched, or are configured for special lighting effects. Flicker-free LED-operation and various effects provide numerous fields of application on your layout. Each of the 4 output groups are selectable by more than 20 different effects resp. scenarios.


  • House illumination with random operation,
  • TV-simulator,
  • Trade lighting,
  • Operation of street lamps with set-up effects
  • Flickering by chance and afterglow (e. g. campfire, warning blinker, St. Andrew`s crosses, flashing lights) special effects (e. g. thunderstorm, fireworks, double flash for emergency vehicles) etc.
  • Power consumption each output: Max. 100 mA, current protected.
  • For analogue and digital operation.

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