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This now offers the narrow gauge railways now in fine gradual speed and with electronic load control. The decoder 12390 is installed between the driving power source and the inserted H0f-track system and the driving experience can begin.
The decoder 12390 works with any standard DC transformer and with the digital systems DCC and Märklin Digital. The preparation the driving current and the control leads the integrated electronics automatically made, according to the operation on the traveling device. Both analog and digital control the locos on their path and mine train now exactly as it by know modern H0 locomotives. In digital mode, you can also manage directly on the driving device several trains on the system. Whether the light railway constructed as a standalone system or in a narrow gauge H0 standard gauge system is integrated - the Busch decoder 12390 ensures prototypical and comfortable operation.

. Conventional two-wire operation with DC power
. Digital mode with an address for the entire light railway system
. Driving power to the 3-volt system
. Starting and maximum programmable Acceleration and deceleration    programmable
. Automatic load control can be switched off
. Easy connection
. No change to the locomotives required
. Supplies the main track and 4 digital switchable track sections
. High Tech: the device
The label decoder 12390 revealed: The heart of this versatile controller
is an integrated multi-protocol decoder specifically for Busch Feldbahn
was developed. Modern control electronics processes the different
Traction current style and always creates the right energy for the light railway. Next the output for the main track of the light railway are another 4 outputs
be integrated track sections that enter via the decoder or switched off. All components are maintenance-free and protected disposed in the housing.
Settings or configuration take place from outside via the feed line, the Housing must not be opened.

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