Noch HO Scale Tunnels and Bridges

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2 pieces, each 9.5 cm long

Expected release: October 2017

A Wide Product Range for Narrow-Gauge Enthusiasts!
Model Railway Accessories for H0m and H0e Narrow-Gauges 
Whether it’s »Öchsle« or the »Glacier Express«, narrow-gauge railways have always been especially fascinating. A lot of these railways are still in operation today or as a show piece. In order to re-create corresponding tracks just like the original, NOCH offers you a whole new range of narrow-gauge accessories.

The Interior Rock Tunnel Walls may be used in tunnels for the scales 1:87 H0, H0e and H0m to make the tunnel entrances even more realistic. The structure resembles rough rocks, as can be found in many narrow-gauge railway tunnels, especially in Austrian and Swiss ones.

Note: The Interior Rock Tunnel Wall match the stone structure of the H0 scale Quarry Stone Series. This allows you to utilize the Quarry Stones Series Walls (refs. 58250, 58255) in order to construct tunnels or to complement bridges. The entire series can be found in the product category »Cut Quarrystone Walls«.

Packaging Unit: 1 Set/Piece

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