Noch TT Scale Roadbed & Ballast

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This product does not have a specific scale associated with it. It will appear in our product lists regardless of what scale you have selected . Please check the description (if available) to ensure that it meets you needs.

Expected release: March 2017

Product Highlights:
· Completely re-worked ballast and rock product lines
· Extremely realistic, harmonized colouring
· Especially fine, nature-like grain
· Ideally suited for ballasting NOCH Cork Trackbeds

Realistic, Just Like Real Ballast!
Ballast and rocks play a very important role in designing realistic model landscapes. The rocks used for ballasting the tracks, are, in general, mined regionally and, therefore, reflect the colouring and the structure of the region’s rocks perfectly. You can ballast your trackbeds extremely realistic with the new NOCH Ballast.
The ballast is available in four different colour shades and two different grain sizes, for the scales H0, TT, N and Z. The different types of ballast are ideal for mixing with one another which creates completely new colour shades.
Coal (Item Ref. 09203) is one of the new product range’s options for decorating your locomotives and railway depots. It consists of a material that resembles real coal deceptively!

Contents: 100.00 g
Packaging Unit: 1 Set/Piece

2017 New Item
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