Noch All Scale Landscape Forming

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2019 Fall New Item

NOCH 60815

Perfect Set “Winter Landscape”

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DISCONTINUED PRODUCT This product is discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturer. We have qty 2 available in stock in our store.

This product does not have a specific scale associated with it. It will appear in our product lists regardless of what scale you have selected . Please check the description (if available) to ensure that it meets you needs.


  • Start Set Snowflakes, contains: 50 g Snow Glue, 25 g Snowflakes and Puffer Bottle (ref. 07065),
  • Snow Paste, 250 ml (ref. 08752),
  • Ice Crystals, 30 ml (ref. 08754),
  • Icicles, 30 ml (ref. 08756)

2019 Fall New Item
Discontinued - Last Ones
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