Piko G Scale Diesel Locomotives

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Category: Diesel Locomotives
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  • PIKO Item Number: 38507
  • EAN: 4015615385073
  • type of current: 2-Rail
  • kind of measurement: LüP / Länge über Puffer
  • measurement: 176
  • minimum radius: 600
  • Sound: PIKO Sound-Decoder werkseitig ausgerüstet
  • age recommendation: 14 Years +
  • Estimated delivery date: End of July 2020
Translated Description from PIKO: Novelty 2020 - The popular GE 25-tone version of the Knoxville Locomotive Works with R / C radio remote control. A transmitter is included with each locomotive. The associated receiver is integrated in the factory for uncomplicated control of the locomotive. A total of ten radio channels are available, so that several locomotives can run in parallel. Highlights: Smooth switching of speeds. Range over 20 meters. PIKO has lovingly implemented the model of the small GE 25-Ton. The construction impresses with the finest paintwork and printing, a prototypical filigree yet robust overall appearance and can be used in a variety of ways in the garden railway sector. The PIKO model has precisely manufactured wheel sets and very safe power consumption from the track. In view of the "cute" appearance and the excellent price-performance ratio, the tiny marshalling planers will find many friends among the fairway players and collectors. .

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2020 New Item
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