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A Child's Dream - Just like it was 125 years ago!

Nostalgia from the turn of the century; the unique combination of a Marklin Doll Carriage and a Heidi Ott Doll based on a historic original doll carriage and doll. Reproduction of a doll carriage from the Marklin program from 1895 to 1925.

Manufactured with reproduced tooling that is faithful to the original, using materials from that period such as sheet metal, wood and cloth material: "Extremely sturdy and Elegant Design"!

Doll from Heidi Ott. Exclusive special version with hand painted face and hand-knotted wig of real hair with braids that can be undone. Body of unbreakable material and richly decorated South German Folk Costume.

One-time edition for 1995 with certificate.

Note: This item is as NEW, PRISTINE, CONDITION including mint condition packaging and untouched certificate.

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