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Bristling with advanced control features, this unit delivers maximum railroading realism. For example, one of its key features is momentum control, sometimes referred to as flywheel action.                                
Features INPUT:120 VAC 60 Hz OUTPUT: 23 VDC, 18.5 VAC TOTAL OUTPUT: 20 VA Accutec Technology provides smoother performance and helps maintain the extra power when climbing grades or running over poor track conditions  Proportional Tracking Control an innovative system of control that yields the most responsive, realistic model train operation  Automatic Circuit Protector automatically disconnects power to the track to protect your equipment if overload occurs Main Line Direction Switch throw the switch to reverse direction of the loco More Powerful than others in its class with power to pull heavy loads and operate accessories Advanced Slow Speed Circuitry so your loco can crawl and couple easily Pressure Sensitive Braking puts you in command of accurate steady deceleration, providing gradual, slow speed braking from any speed Momentum Control with on and off switch Indicator Lights for momentum, power output, and overload conditions keeping you informed of your layout status Fixed A.C. Terminals for powering switch machines, lights and other accessories  300 Degree Speed Control uses 300 degree throttle for an extended range of control

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