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DB BR 58 2057 Era IIIa Steam Locomotive (Factory Sold Out) (Stunning Brass Model)

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The Prussian G12 was built between 1917 and 1922 by several manufacturers. They were powered by 3 cylinder engines. The offset of the cranks between the outer sets of wheels was 120 degrees. The crank of the internal engine was offset asymmetrically to the outer cranks. Because of the narrow wheelbase, the locomotives were braked only on one side by lying below the wheel center pads. Initially only two-stage air pumps were installed, double compound air pumps were used at the beginning of the twenties. In the mid-twenties, coal dust firing experiments were carried out. As a result, some locomotives of the series 56 and 58 have been rebuilt to this type of firing. While the DRG recognized that coal dust firing was not more economical than normal coal firing, the DR East made further attempts at coal dust firing after the war. At DB, the machines in the 58 series were taken out of service quite early. Some locomotives operated until the sixties as a heating locomotive. Ultimately, all BR 58 were scrapped at the DB.

Technical Details:

  • Axles sprung
  • Suspension DRG RAL 3000
  • Suspension DB RAL 3002
  • Federpuffer
  • Weight about 3.5 kg
  • Minimum radius 800 mm radius
  • Length over buffer approx. 425 mm
  • Engine driver and heater figure
  • Original screw coupling
  • Swiveling tabs for
    opening the smoke chamber door
  • Wheel tire made of stainless steel, ring-insulated
  • Wheel tires NEM


  • Prototypical spokes
  • Sandfallrohre up to wheel level
  • Faulhabermotor
  • Cab lighting
  • Sanddome to open
  • Lubrication pump drive
  • Prototypical lighting
    for every direction of travel
  • warm white LED
  • red taillights (can be switched off)
  • ESU Digital and Sound Decoder
    Speaker in the boiler
  • synchronously clocked smoke
    from the chimney

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2015 New Item
Era III (1945-1970)
DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn)
Last one!
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