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Product characteristics and functions of the sound decoders:


  • Original vehicle-specific steam, diesel and electric locomotive sound projects (not standard sounds\0x9D)
  • Realistic steam running sound with wheel-synchronous and overlapping choo-choo rhythm, speed-dependent pitch and independent boiling sound
  • Realistic diesel-hydraulic running sound with speed-dependent pitch, variable idling speed and independent acceleration stages, turbocharger and dynamic brake
  • Realistic diesel-mechanical driving sound with several gears, idling, several running and acceleration stages and possible gear switching sound
  • Realistic electric running sound with engine and engine fan as well as equipment sound (pantograph, main switch etc.), switchgear sound and dynamic brake,
  • Bell, horn, whistle, closing doors etc. (depending on sound project) which can be activated separately at any time
  • All sound patterns can be freely configured (function mapping\0x9D) or randomly generated
  • Loudspeaker port protected against short circuits and overloads
  • Low heat generation due to the latest technologies
  • Sound projects can be loaded via SUSI interface using a programmer
  • New 21 Pin Digital Interface

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