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BRAWA 40261

K.Bay.Sts.E.B. Express Train locomotive S2/6, AC Digital premium with sound and smoke

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Road no. 3201

In 1905, the Royal Bavarian State Railway Company decided to commission its longstanding supplier, Maffei of Munich, to build a special locomotive for high-speed testing. It was first shown to the public in May 1906 at the Bavarian State Exhibition in Nuremberg. Even on the inaugural runs, it was evident that the new locomotive not only fulfilled, but also surpassed all expectations. Even when operating at high speeds, it demonstrated low-noise running properties and the boiler always delivered plenty of steam to the balanced four-cylinder engine. In July 1907, the locomotive set a new speed record of 154.4 km/h on a test run between Munich and Augsburg. It was the fastest steam locomotive of its era on the entire European continent.

Delivery date: 2nd quarter 2010

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2010 New Item
Era V (1990-2006)
K.Bay.Sts.B. (Konigliche Bayerische Staats-Eisenbahnen)
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