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The war scattered express train wagons across half of Europe, with larger stocks outside German railway operators, for instance at OBB, SNCF and PKP. These wagons remained invaluable in regional transport for DB and DR up to the late seventies, reaching an age of over forty years. They were also used internationally up to the sixties, travelling as far as Scandinavia and the Balkans. There were many conversions, for instance into sleeping, dining, buffet and semi-luggage carriages. On the occasion of the anniversary in 1985, DB put together an entire train from several different types of express train wagons. Unfortunately, these wagons are today spread over several locations, and only a few of them are operable.

  • True-to-epoch construction types
  • Precise replica of the Gorlitz III bogies with quadruple spring system
  • Precise replica of the frame with many extra mounted parts
  • Prepared for interior lighting
  • Multipart interior fittings in multicolour painting
  • Individual seats
  • Short coupling kinematics
  • Three-point support
  • Wheetsets in toe bearing
  • Replica of the rivets on the roof
  • In-plane assembled windows
  • Metal wheels
  • Precise replica of the brake unit
  • True-to-scale windows
  • Coupler Pockets with Close Coupling Mechanism
  • Detailed Interior

2017 New Item
Era III (1945-1970)
DSG (Deutsche Schlafwagen und Speisewagengesellschaft)
3rd Quarter 2017
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