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  • Precise replica of board joints and ventilators
  • Finest paintworkt and printing
  • NEM-standard short-coupling
  • Metal wheels
  • Originally reproduced frame body

Even before the major Swiss railway companies were nationalised in1903, when they merged to form the Swiss National Railway Company(SBB), the private railway companies had agreed to purchase freight carscalled "Reformwagen" with virtually identical designs. Covered wagonswere relatively short, with a frame length of 7.10 m and wheel bases of4.40 m, 4.50 m or 5.00 m. These wagons were called K2 after 1902. Theyhave 12.5 t weight loaded and 40 to 44 m2 loading volume. The SBB alsohad reproductions of the 5.0 m version built for some time afterwards.The K2s were also operated by all reputable private railways. Some of thewagons had a brakeman´s cab or an open brakeman´s platform and thelatter had a slightly longer loading length. Some wagons were fitted withWestinghouse brakes, steam lines and painted red for use as expressfreight cars, while the others were grey and only had hand brakes. The K2design was obviously a success because further wagon types were builtwith the same dimensions. The most significant of these were the manyrefrigeration and beer cars. Many Swiss breweries ordered wagons thatcorresponded to the K2 for the transportation of their valuable beer. Thebody had the same dimensions but double walls to provide insulationand vertical planking. The doors differed in design and there were wagonswith and without a brakeman´s cab, which meant different loadinglengths. Some beer cars came to the SBB later as a result of takeoversand were used as "regular" refrigerated cars for food transportation.

• Road no.: 31 117
• Coupler pocket and close coupling

2018 New Item
Era II (1925-1945)
SBB-CFF-FFS (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen)
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