KM1 1 Scale Steam Locomotives

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The designation of the series already suggests that the 01 is often the first choice when the railroader thinks of fast, powerful machines. She was able to defend this status for several decades.


The total of 231 units were made from 1926 to 1938. It was the first standard locomotive with the 2'C1 'wheel arrangement and also the most powerful machine for express train service. Various minor changes were made during series production. Particularly noticeable is the enlargement of the front wheels from 850 to 1000 mm from 01 102, at the same time the brakes were strengthened. This allowed the permissible top speed to be increased from 120 to 130 km / h. The series was in use at the DB until 1973, at the DR even up to the early 1980s. From 1962, 35 machines were reconstructed there and redrawn in 01 5 . From 1957 to 1961, 50 locomotives were built at DB with the 01 10 high-performance boilerfitted. Five locomotives remained operational, including the 01 150, which is probably the best-known representative of its class.




Metal model made of die-cast zinc, brass and stainless steel, Bühler motor, high-performance digital decoder with HDKM-16 sound module, broadband loudspeaker, dynamic smoke with cylinder steam and the latest generation of steam pipe with approx. 40 minutes running time per filling, servo-electronic changeover, engine lighting, cab lighting, firebox lighting, in Driving direction changing headlights, warm light LEDs, switchable red tail lights on the tender, robust cardan drive with rolling and ball-bearing gear, drive and axles with ball bearings and suspension, wheel tires made of stainless steel, wheel stars with elliptically profiled spokes on both sides, spring buffers, movable water box covers, flexible, spring-loaded driver's cab doors, functional front doors and opening smoke chamber door, lubrication pump drive, detailed driver's cab, screw couplings interchangeable with function couplings, prototypical paint and lettering, kinematics between locomotive and Te Change for prototypical narrow dome spacing, minimum radius 1020mm, LüP approx. 74.8 cm, weight approx. 6.5 kg.


We reserve the right to make technical, optical and detail changes!

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
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Era II (1925-1945)
DRG (Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (1920-1949))
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