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KM1 German Steam Locomotive (bad VIc) of the Baden State Railway (Factory Sold Out)

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Please Note: Our KM1 Modellbau images may only show a representative model of a class/series. Please check the product description for actual color, era, details and other options for each stock number. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions.

The Baden enjoyed a pioneering role in steam locomotives of the type 1 'C 1' in Germany. The good experiences with the first machines of the genre VIb prompted the Baden State Railways to further procure this genre. In order to be able to cope with the increasing volume of traffic, an intensified execution was also commissioned. This differed from the predecessors by the asymmetric axle stand, the larger traction wheel diameter and the hot steam engine. In addition, an increased boiler with superheater could be taken into account due to the fact that the axle load on the main sections of the river was higher. The machines were designed by the Karlsruhe Machinery Association and were commissioned by the Badische Staatsseisenbahn with a total circulation of 135 pieces between 1914 and 1921 as a type VIc series 1 to series 9. Except for the two series 5 and 7 with a total of 23 vehicles built by Arnold Jung, all machines were manufactured in the local locomotive factory. The VIc also had a maximum speed of 90 km / h. The differences between the individual rows were low. From series 2 the machines received a preheater, which was arranged transversely in front of the smoke chamber, a feed water pump and a fan attachment on the cab roof. The sand dome was now over the fox axis. From row 3, the copper firebox was exchanged for one of steel. Frame reinforcements were made on the 8 and 9 series machines. The enlargement of the driving wheel diameter from 1480 (class VIb) to 1600 mm and the thus permitted maximum speed of 90 km / h allowed the use of the machines in the light fast train service. The machines of the types VIb and VIc together accounted for about 50% of the Baden locomotive stock. The DRG took over 107 machines and classified them as BR 75 4 and BR 75 10-11. Due to the good experiences and the universal applicability for almost all types of operation, 10 machines of the type VIc were used at the end of the twenties. There were 66 locomotives to DB. In 1967 the last representative of the genus VIc, the 75 1118 was sampled. However, it was preserved and exhibited on the premises of the TU Karlsruhe and later in the DGEG - Museum Neustadt. After a reconstruction and re-commissioning by the UEF, it is currently being used on the local railway line Amstetten-Gerstetten before museum trains. 


Boiler / landing gear RAL 7005, top light 3 front gas lanterns, 2x gas lanterns in rear, no bell, domed Smoke Stack, central lock, low coal box with lid, chimney attachment

Precision model made of brass and stainless steel, bell-anchor motor, ESU LokSound XL4.0 Sound decoder with realistic KM1 HQ sound and sprung buffer, Visaton broadband loudspeaker, Dynamic Smoke with independent cylinder steam of the latest generation, easy filling via chimney, servo-electronic reversing from forward to reverse, The front and rear spoiler is equipped with a spoiler, a spoiler, a movable waterbox cover, a movable guidepost, a functional guide And opening smoke chamber doors, sand dome for opening, moving lubrication pump drive, finest simulated lubrication lines, detailed and multi - colored driver 's cab with real wood floor, screw couplings interchangeable against claw couplings, prefabricated paintwork and inscription, minimum radius 1020 mm, approx Kg.

Model with scope of delivery: 20 ml steam distillate, pipette for refilling, figures, white gloves in extra bag

NOTE: Pictures shown will vary to the specific model delivered.

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2015 New Item
Era I (1835-1925)
G.Bad.St.E. (Dukes of Baden State Railway)
Last one!
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