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A crane was used to supply water for steam locomotives due to the large amount of water required. Initially, the water cranes on the wall of a water station or the coal shed was attached. In the course of many station rebuildings, these wall cranes have been replaced by free-standing ones. At first the water flow of a water crane, about 1-2m ³ / min. Later, the led to an icrease of 10m ³ / min increase to fill an average steam in 3 minutes.
In cold winters, the water columns are protected from frost by either wrapping in hemp, or with open steel cages, in which coal and coke fire burned, warmed.
Today there are only a few water cranes. These are used for water supply to museum trains, but this is by far not sufficient, so the fire departments help out.




Model made ​​of brass . Available with single (400450) or double boom (400451) as a finished model. A great addition to this are the free-standing heating stoves in the form of brass castings.


2011 New Item
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