LGB G Scale Steam Locomotives

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Prototype: In the 1920s the company built two modern Baldwin Mallet locomotives on behalf of the Uintah Railway in Utah and Colorado. To date, these locomotives to none, the largest narrow-gauge locomotives in the U.S. went ever. When the Uintah Railway was shut down, came the two crowd-pulling Mallets for Sumpter Valley Railway, the Eastern Oregon for the transport of agricultural and forestry goods served in the. The locomotives were fitted with towing respondents and soon provided a significant part of transportation in this very beautiful scenic area. However, the Sumpter Valley was finally shut down. The two mallets, the International Railway of Central America in Guatemala, sold to, where in the 1960s were in operation up. 


The richly detailed, weatherproof model is the second machine with number "251" after. It has the following features: - four mode switch - two sealed gearbox with seven-pole Buhler motors - six driven wheels - two traction tires - twelve power consumers - digital electronic sound - steam output synchronously with the wheel rotation - bell and whistle - brake noise - air pump, valve and hissing of the steam - sound of the water jet pump - Volume control - remote control of sound functions (with Train System) - voltage system - steam generator - flickering light from the fire box - automatic directional lighting - multi-socket with weight of 5,300 g. Length buffer of 94 cm.   

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Era II (1925-1945)
US Railways (Railways in the USA)
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