Carrera All Scale Radio Control Vehicles

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Fun & Fascination:

With Carrera RC you connect automatically the pure driving pleasure. On the street, in the area and now on the water! This speed boat you secure the perfect performance. This is really a strong performance in a double supply: Two engines with gearbox Twin Power at its best for fantastic driving! The drive function is designed digital proportional, and the approach satisfies the claim of "Ready to Run!" The ergonomic controller did you at any time all control options for this RC-model with 50 cm length perfectly under control. Whether as a left or right handed.

Very important: The range of control ensures that the speedboat leaving the radio frequency range automatically returns to the radius. And even that is an essential part of good design: By taking the power out of the water off Waves, the two propellers automatically.

Facts & Features:

  • Top Speed: up to max. 30 km / h
  • Top-principle: Ready to Run
  • Top-Power: Two engines with gearbox
  • Top Technology: Digital proportional Drive
  • Top-Comfort: Fast within 1.2 h
  • Top feature: Li-ion power battery: 11.1 V - 1200 mAh
  • Charger: 12.6 V - 800 mA

For a long time - short time:

  • Long time = up to 25 minutes
  • Short load time = about 1.20 hours

Power Wave Features

  • 2.4 GHz technology
  • Ready to Run
  • Ergonomic Controller
  • Twin Power
  • Water sensor
  • Driving function

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