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Freight Lorries Pwghs 54:

In the mid-1950s, the ever-increasing volume of goods and the aging of Pwg, some of which still originated from the state railway, led to a considerable shortage of freight train lorries. Again, the full preparation of the old Pwg proved uneconomical and a new acquisition was financially unrealizable. Based on the Gms 54 was therefore the Pwghs 54th This was not provided with ventilation hatches, but received a train driver compartment, which was accessible from the front brakeman's walkway. If necessary, these Pwghs 54 could be quite easily converted to G-cars. By the end of the 1950s, 1,200 Pwghs 54 had been built. The vehicles used in the express freight service were provided on the sides of the wagon with a red "E" on a white background. Only with increasing diesel and electric traction freight wagons were gradually superfluous. The model pluggable light slots for adding functional train lanterns that can be run digitally through a decoder. Prototypically opening and gradually lockable doors  

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