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KBayStsB Steam locomotive PtL 2/2 4512 (DCC w/Sound) (Factory Sold Out)

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Steam locomotive class PtL 2/2 "Glaskasten""Glass box" of the Royal Bavarian State Railways.

■ Model with true to original sound functions
■ Authentic livery with delicate decorative lines
■ Used in front of passenger trains and light goods trains on branch lines

The local railway locomotive with the designation PtL 2/2 (loco with tender which hauls passenger trains for local railways) is certainly one of the best-known steam locomotives from the old days among model railway fans. The locos were more commonly known as the "Glaskastl", "Schnauferle", "Quietscherle", "Bockl" etc. They had a power output of 210 HP. They were authorized to drive 40 km / h - but achieved according to reports from locomotive drivers a maximum speed of 60 km / h and more.

General data
- Number of driven axles - 2
- Coupling - NEM shaft 362 without close coupling mechanism
- Minimum radius - 358 mm
- Flywheel - yes
- Interface - Electrical interface for traction units according to NEM 652 standards with plug-in fixture

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2021 New Item
Era I (1835-1925)
K.Bay.Sts.B. (Konigliche Bayerische Staats-Eisenbahnen)
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