Roco HO Scale Locomotive Decoders

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ROCO 10892

Sound decoder with feedback capability, with wires and 8-pole plug (NEM 652)

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Sound decoder with wires and 8-pole plug; can be updated; multiprotocol operation possible; motor control; braking tracks supported; locomotive addresses programmable; NMRA-compatible; comfortable change of operating parameters possible: i.e. the locomotive does not have to be opened; overcurrent protection; RailCom **Decoder specifications:
DCC + RailCom, DC analogue, MM, AC analogue
Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 4mm; 0.8A motor, total (peak 1.5A); 6 function outputs; 2 logic level outputs for additional functions, servo control cables or SUSI
1 Watt audio, 8 Ohm, 32Mbit, 6 channelsCorresponds to: ZIMO MX648R

2017 New Item
2017,Week 22
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