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As per former 10767 but now also with RAILCOM! More info to follow.

10767 info was;

1 circuit breaker recognition. 2 trigger switch by the switch track. 3 trigger switch by the sensor track. The three modes can be adjusted with a switch button on the housing. In operation mode 1 it recognizes the circuit break and the polarity is changed before addressing the digital system. In operation mode 2+3 the polarity is also changed before the circuit break. This avoids getting a spark at the circuit break and preserves the wheels better. It will however require additional wiring. The loop model can also be used in analog operation. This way trains can only run in one direction through the loop. Technical data: Current up to 22 V, 5 A electric load, 3 A continuous current, max. power load approx. 50mA. Dimensions are 90x80x25mm 

Dimensions: November 2018
2018 New Item
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