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2013 New Item
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ROCO 41502

Digital starter set z21 diesel locomotive locomotive series 294 of the DB AG with construction train

Sorry, this product is sold out and no longer available from the manufacturer.

Contents: One Diesel locomotive series 294 of the Deutsche Bahn AG and one crane train which consists of one crane wagon, one crane protection wagon and one crew wagon. More contents: One Roco geoLine track oval that consists of 12 curved tracks R3, 1 preinstalled feed-in element, 21 straight tracks G200, 1 left-hand turnout 22.5, one buffer stop and 1 track end piece. 1 digital switchboard z21, 1 wlan router, 1 switching power supply. To run the digital switchboard a Smartphone or a Tablet PC is required.

Sound   no


  z21 Silver
(found in starter sets)

Z21 Black
(available individually)
R-10820 / R-10822

See for
full details on the Z21 and z21
"z21 for beginners & pros"
"Z21 for experts"
Operate like a locomotive driver Yes Yes
Model train controlling via Smaltphone and Tablet-PC Yes Yes
Combined App for Z21 and z21. Download free of charge at the Apple App Store and at Google Play Yes Yes
Plug & Play system Yes Yes
Photo-realistic driver cabs Yes Yes
Complete library of all locomotives, wagons and plant components Yes Yes
For digital DC and AC locomotives (DCC and MM) Yes Yes
POM-programming, POM-read out, CV-programming and CV-read out Yes Yes
Downward compatible - works with all MultiMAUS-Models and Lokmauscontroller 2 via X-Bus-connector Yes Yes
LocoNet-, CAN-Bus- and Sniffer-Bus connector


Individually programmable rails No Yes
Adjustable track voltage No Yes
Zimo-Decoder update procedure No Yes

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2013 New Item
Starter Sets
Era V (1990-2006)
DB-AG (Deutsche Bahn AG)
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