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The machines of the series P 6 of the Royal Prussian State Railways, K.P.E.V., were designed as mulit-purpose locomotives. They were supposed to be able to pull not only passenger trains and freight trains but also express trains in the hill country. The first locomotive was delivered in 1902 by the company Hohenzollern in Dusseldorf. The machines showed some distinct features that were considered typical for their designer Robert Garbe - for example the narrow smoke stack situated way up front and the special position of the boiler. Despite the in comparison small 1600 mm driving wheel - the prototype had only 1500 mm - the locomotives were licensed for a top speed of 90 km/h. The vehicles were coupled with seperate tenders of the series 2'2' T 21,5 (pr) or with the tender series 3T 16. All in all 275 units were built. After the Second World War 110 engines had to be given as a form of war reparation to various countries in Europe. 163 machines of the series 37.0-1 were added to the stock of the German Reichs Railway (DRG) with the serial number 37 001-163. The locomotives with the number 37 201-206 (since 1937) were P 6 of the Lubeck- Buchener Railway ( (LBE), which differed from the Prussian locomotives in their design. The few P 6 that remained in Germany after the Second World War were not put back into service neither by the Deutsche Bundesbahn nor by the Reichsbahn of the former DDR and were decommissioned and scrapped by 1950. The P 6 that was called Oi 1-7 at the Polish State Railway was delivered 1905 as "Elberfeld 319" and was given to the PKP already after the I.World War. The locomotive was added to the stock of the DR in 1941 and was registered as 37 171. After the war the locomotive remained in Poland. The machine that was decommissioned in 1967 can now be seen in the railway museum in Warsaw as Oi 1-29 and is the only unit of the Prussian type P 6. Model is in last years operating conditions.

General data
Coupling NEM shaft 362 with KK-kinematics at tender
Interior fitting Driver cabine
Flywheel yes
Traction tyres 4
Number of driven axles 2
Number of axles with traction tyres 2
LED head light yes
LED lighting yes
Digital decoder 
Sound yes
Interface Electrical interface on traction units PluX16
Length over buffer 202 mm

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2010 Fall New Item
Era III (1945-1970)
PKP (Polskie Koleje Państwowe SA )
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