Fleischmann HO Scale Command Stations and Expansion

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Since its market launch a few years ago, multMAUS has become a standard for digitally-controlled model railways. Its ease of use, attractive price, and ergonomic shape have already won the hearts of many model railway fans.

Now Fleischmann is setting a new standard with multiMAUS PRO. This unique combination of cutting-edge wireless communications and the newly-developed multiZENTRALE PRO control unit shows how seriously Fleischmann's development team takes its customer's needs. Simply follow your train without losing control of the rest of your layout or of the other trains running on it. Use the new route controls to define routes more or less as you travel by. Drive a model double-heading train, just like the real thing, while looking at it directly and without having to remain seated at the central controls.

The handy multiMAUS format has been retained, together with the simple and intuitive user interface. And you know that you will be able to use it for many years to come thanks to its update compatibility.

  • Long batter life
  • Low battery warning
  • Double-heading- Simultaneous control of two locomotives pulling the same train.
  • Routing control: Miniature layout mimic diagram in your multiMAUS PRO.
  • Controls up to 9999 locomotives, 2048 turn-outs and solenoid-operated articles
  • Single-handed operation- for both right and left handed people.
  • Ergonomic- for both young and old.
  • Clearly legible display
  • Brightness control- for display background illumination

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