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Developed for a government contract in the 1930s by the Stuttgart design office Porsche, the VW Beetle became the world’s best-selling car over the course of its 65-year production history, overtaking the previous record holder, the Ford T model known as 'Tin Lizzy”. The most outstanding features of the 'Beetle” were its revolutionary streamlined shape, an air-cooled 4-cylinder boxer engine, a cutting-edge platform chassis and a newly developed torsion bar suspension. Continuous improvements were made to the series over the years. Evidence shows that no less than 78,000 technical changes were made to the VW Beetle from 1948 to 1974.

The Schuco PRO.R18 series offers a range of exceptional and finely designed models of limited production vehicles. Thanks to this high-quality modelling material, it is possible to reproduce very rare and exotic original vehicles with a very high level of detail and quality of finish throughout.

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June 2022
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